Bold Turquoise

Jul 31 2014

Back to School “Mama’s Favorite Things” Gift Basket Giveaway!

Today I am so excited to be bringing you some of my very favorite homeschooling (and life) things in a little giveaway just to wish you well in your upcoming homeschool year!!  I’ve hand picked each of these items because they are things that have either inspired me or helped me in the day-to-day as… Read more…

Jul 31 2014

Homeschool in the Woods Knights Lap Pak Review (with video!)

I was provided with the productive to conduct this review and compensated for my time.  All opinions are honest and sincere- I really love Home School in the Woods! Do you all remember earlier this summer when I told you that we were working on the brand new Knights Lap Pak for K-2nd graders from… Read more…

Jul 17 2014

Toddler Busy Bags Swaps- The Best Idea I’ve had all Summer!

As I have been furiously planning our upcoming school year one question kept lingering over my head- “What in the world am I going to do with my two year old while I try to teach the boys?!” Really, the whole last half of the past school year proved that she is desperate to be… Read more…

Jul 11 2014

Bold Turquoise Will be Down for the Weekend :-(

Hello all you wonderful readers! Well, just as I have been ramping up to be posting more bold goodness for you on the blog my server let me know that they are doing a major overhaul, starting this evening, and that it could last up to 48 hours!  Eeeek!  Not fun news for a blogger!… Read more…

Jul 9 2014

Nesting in No Man’s Land- 14 Weeks Pregnant with Baby #4

Yes, today marks my having accomplished 14 weeks of this pregnancy. Hard to believe. Although I am now officially deemed to be in my 2nd trimester there are more moments akin to being in a pregnancy wasteland then a glowing state of expectancy. After reading blog posts from previous pregnancies I am reminded that this… Read more…

Jul 8 2014

Sometimes you have to drop off the planet….

I think that especially as a blogger, someone constantly in the social media eye, every once and a while you have to drop off the planet, or at least mostly from your blogging pursuits, just to get a handle on life again.  This can be just because you need a break or because life has… Read more…

Jun 30 2014

A New Curriculum for K-2nd from Homeschool in the Woods!

I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review.  I have also been compensated for my time.  You can read my entire disclosure page here. Alright, you all know how much I adore Homeschool in the Woods!  Their curricula are hands-on, which we love around here, and they are BEAUTIFUL!!  I have… Read more…

Jun 9 2014

Judah is 5!!

Five years! How is that possible?! He astounds me with his smarts and makes me laugh with his honesty. Never has someone been more black and white and I love his cut and dry personality! I am truly blessed!