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Nov 10 2015

CTLP Episode 001: Introduction with MacKenzie Monroe!

What!?  That’s right!  It’s HERE!!  Cultivating the Lovely- The Podcast is finally out there for all to hear.  It takes a couple of days to upload to the big players (such as iTunes and Stitcher) so you’re hearing it here first!

The Podcast (3)
In this short inaugural episode, I sat down and just explained where the idea for the podcast came from as well as giving a little bit of backstory on myself. It is a very basic introduction to everything happening with Bold Turquoise that will hopefully also give you a quick idea of what to expect from the podcast in the future.

Along with discussing the background and direction of the show, I also mentioned the brand new product line we are launching here at! I am so excited by the mug and journal we have designed for you guys and hope you will enjoy and be blessed by them.  So, be sure to check them out on Thursday if you are interested in getting in on this note-taking, coffee-drinking loveliness.

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Episode 002- Attitude and Organization with Mystie Winckler is also available today, so give it a listen as well!

12 thoughts on “CTLP Episode 001: Introduction with MacKenzie Monroe!

  1. Tiffany

    It’s so exciting that it’s finally starting! Congratulations! It sounded great, & I look forward to hearing future interviews.

    1. MacKenzie Post author

      Thank you so much Tiffany!! It’s so nerve-wracking but I’m so glad I’m going it! Thanks for taking the time to listen!

  2. Melissa Kaiserman

    Great job, Mackenzie, and congratulations on getting those first episodes finished and published!

    Without your face in front of me, your voice reminds me so much of Sarah Mackenzie’s, especially in the intro. Maybe it’s an ENFP thing–so perky and pleasant. 🙂

  3. Kelly

    I loved your intro! It was so neat to hear the behind the scenes story of how CTL came to be. I love the community you’ve created – so excited for the launch!

  4. Crystal Whitefield

    You sound amazing!! I am so excited to see who all is involved. This is going to open so many doors for you, so happy for you. You are blessing women everyday.


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