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Jan 14 2016

CTLP Episode 8- Life Strategies for the New Year with Kristi Clover


To kick off the new year and the new season of Cultivating the Lovely the Podcast I’m chatting with Kristi Clover about her best tips for living a more organized, focused life. Kristi shares with me her four best tips for organization: Getting your knees dirty, eliminating morning mayhem, meal planning, and simplifying. I can’t wait for you to hear her words of wisdom in these areas – some of what she has to say may surprise you!

Kristi shares how it’s so important to focus, not on what everyone else is doing with their families, but to focus on how God has made YOUR family unique. God is such a personal God, and He’s made your family with a very specific personality and way of doing things.

Don’t try to mimic someone else’s style of organization, mothering, homemaking, or homeschooling- but rather, pray hard over the things that look and sound helpful so that God can help you to glean the good from others’ lives and tweak those ideas to fit to your family’s unique needs.


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On her blog and on YouTube, as well as across all social Media as @RaisingClovers: Periscope (watch her replays on Katch), Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook. You can also check our Kristi’s new Facebook Group Simply Joyful.

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