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Jan 21 2016

CTLP Episode 9- Decluttering Your Life with Stacy Myers


In this episode of Cultivating the Lovely I’m chatting with my BFF Stacy Myers of Stacy is sharing her thoughts on clutter of all kinds and how the KonMari Method and book The life changing Magic of Tidying Up changed her life.  Stacy talks about how decluttering is more than just throwing out our old clothes – it’s about getting rid of both physical and emotional clutter.

Decluttering.... (1)

Now, I’ll warn you – we have a quiet a bit of fun in this chat and she may even mention poop! You’ll just have to listen to find out. Stacy and I may make co-hosting the podcast once a month a regular thing, so if YOU have ideas for topics you’d like to hear Stacey and I discuss on future podcasts please email us at to let us know your ideas!

Don’t forget you can get Stacy’s FREE e-book Taming the Laundry Monster by becoming a subscriber to – her NEW site and that launches THIS weekend (Saturday, January 23rd, 2016)!

Books, Movies & Resources Mentioned in the Show

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Where to Find Stacy

You can find Stacy at and Right now, you can find Stacy across all social media as @stacymakescents (Instagram, Twitter, Periscope) and you can hope over to Facebook and find her on the Stacy Makes Cents Facebook Page. But be sure to look for @humoroushomemaking to appear on the scene beginning Saturday January 23, 2016!

4 thoughts on “CTLP Episode 9- Decluttering Your Life with Stacy Myers

  1. Farah

    Fun podcast! I am looking forward to the next one you do together!
    Also I have been reading The Life-Changing Art Of Tidying Up and was not sure if I could do it with kids. And I am a little attached to my stuff… but you have inspired me to try! Thanks!!

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