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Dec 5 2017

CTLP Episode 44–More Than Just Mornings with Kat Lee

Kat Lee 44

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Show Notes-

This week on the podcast, MacKenzie chats with Kat Lee of Kat is a popular podcaster, blogger and author (and fellow ENFP!) who lives with her husband and three children in Waco, Texas.

MacKenzie talks with Kat about her new book, Hello Mornings and a bunch of great topics related to that, including–

The deeper themes of love, hope and grace that are woven throughout Hello Mornings.

How the Hello Mornings book came about, even though Kat never really wanted to write a book.

Why Kat chose a more actionable, workbook style format for the book.

How routines and habits help us free up mental space and will-power for other decision making throughout the day. Even personality types that like spontaneity benefit from having routines and habits that they don’t have to think about on a daily basis.

The Danger of Labels:

  • They can limit us from believing the truth of what God has for us.
  • They give us permission not to try



Recognizing your Drainers and Fillers:

  • Knowing what gives you energy and what brings you life and what does not.
  • Recognize that we are all made differently instead of comparing ourselves to others.
  • Living by “shoulds” is a fast track to burn-out.
  • When we try to do everything just because we think we should do, then we may just be depriving someone else of doing the things they are really good at.


You can’t really add something new to your life without taking something else away. We need to stop and evaluate where we are and what we have space to add to our lives.

**This book will be part of the new CTL Patreon challenges in 2018!**

Current Lovelies-

Kat: making her daughter a pot of tea and staying up with her after late evening orchestra rehearsals.

MacKenzie: cleaning out her many email inboxes and streamlining them for the future. MacKenzie is utilizing and Spark by Readle to help her achieve inbox zero!

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Find Kat-

You can find Kat on her website, as well as hear her on the Hello Mornings Podcast. You can join the HelloMornings Community across social media on Facebook, PinterestTwitter, and Instagram.

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