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Jan 9 2018

CTL Episode 47- Mothering for the Long Haul with Cindy Rollins


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Show Notes-

In this week’s episode, MacKenzie talks with Cindy Rollins, a veteran homeschool mom of 8 boys and 1 girl who now spends her time homeschooling other people’s children, reading, writing for the Circe Institute and co-hosting the Mason Jar Podcast. Cindy and MacKenzie chat about a variety of mothering and homeschool topics, including:

—How experienced moms learn to deal with different behaviors that crop up on a daily basis.

—Morning Time as an anchor for the homeschool and family culture

—Having a long distance perspective on your mothering and homeschool journey

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—Choosing relationship of ideas over rote memorization

—Getting back into school and normal life rhythms after the holidays

  • Follow through on your plans
  • Don’t fall in the temptation to just toss the curriculum
  • Get outside, even in the winter

—Boys and homeschooling, especially in the winter

  • Teach them to do purposeful work and chores
  • Get them doing physical activity
  • Find indoor play areas if the weather is too bad to go outside
  • Steer clear of the electronics
  • Make reading books an appealing experience with special snacks

—Reflections on the transition to an empty nest

—Accepting whatever stage you are in on your mothering journey

Current Lovelies-

Cindy: developing a more constant and consistent prayer life

MacKenzie: bullet journalling and reflecting on her day each evening before bed

Resources Mentioned-


Mere Motherhood

A Handbook for Morning Time

Hallelujah: A Journey through Advent

Beauty in the Word by Stratford Caldecott


Arkangel Shakespeare Henry IV

Arkangel Shakespeare Henry V

Arkangel Shakespeare The Tempest


 A Good Year

Find Cindy-

You can find Cindy at as well as hear her on the Mason Jar Podcast. You can also interact with Cindy by joining the Mere Motherhood Facebook group.

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