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Feb 6 2018

CTL Episode 51- Decorating for Atmosphere and Family Culture


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Show Notes-

In this week’s podcast, MacKenzie and Leah chat about intentional home decor and ways to make your home inviting for everyone, even on a budget. Listen in to their conversation to get their ideas about all things house and home. Also, check out the Patreon page to get in on the February patron bonuses focussed on taking care of the master bedroom and developing morning and evening routines.


  • Why the environment of the home is important
  • How home decor has an effect on the overall mood of the people in the home
  • Adding special touches to your decor does not have to be expensive.
  • Purging and downsizing when moving or changing seasons of life
  • Taking the time to think about what you really want to have in your home to make it feel comfortable for you and your family
  • The importance of stepping back and really seeing what is in your home, pretending you are a guest to give yourself a fresh look at your space
  • Finding your inspiration and personal style:
    • Ask yourself what you are drawn to when you look at Instagram and Pinterest
    • Notice what it is about friends’ homes that makes you feel welcome and comfortable
    • Figure out how much “stuff” you like having around in your home
  • Think about who comes in and out of your home and what your home is used for on a regular basis
  • Make multi-use spaces work for everyone with creative storage solutions
  • Leah’s love of plants (and books!) for decor, as well as shopping second-hand stores for inexpensive finds
  • MacKenzie’s thoughts on what she wants her bedroom to be like to make it feel like a sanctuary and peaceful space
  • Favorite places Leah and MacKenzie like to look for budget-friendly decor pieces:
    • Thrift stores
    • Target
    • Ikea
    • TJ Maxx
    • Yard Sales
    • Birch Lane
    • Wayfair
    • Amazon

Books Mentioned-

The Lifegiving Home by Sally Clarkson

The Lifegiving Table by Sally Clarkson

Sink Reflections by Marla Cilley (the FlyLady)

The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo

The Nesting Place by Myquillyn Smith

Lessons from Madame Chic by Jennifer L. Smith

Find The Hosts-

You can find Leah Boden at her websites and as well as Instagram and Facebook.

You can find MacKenzie Monroe on Instagram, Facebook, and the CTL Facebook Group, of course!

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