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Mar 7 2018

CTL Episode 55- Intentional TV Time with Erin Odom


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Show Notes-

Today on Cultivating the Lovely, Erin and MacKenzie chat about their favorite TV shows. They talk about everything related to intentional TV viewing, including why they like their favorite shows, when they find time to watch TV, and why they may decide not to watch something.

SPOILER ALERT!!! Some of the discussion today includes spoilers about the plot of some popular shows. So if you don’t like spoilers, consider yourself warned before listening!

  • Thoughts on deciding what to watch:
    • Expect the world to behave like the world.
    • Does it glorify the sin, or does it show sin as evil?
    • Knowing how sensitive you are
    • Plugged In online reviews


  • Intentional TV viewing:
    • can be a way to unwind with your family or spouse in the evenings
    • sometimes it can be a coping technique to watch something totally different from your life to take an emotional break
    • choose times when the TV should be on or off to make the most of your time instead of just defaulting to it all the time
    • take advantage of on-demand TV shows so you can take the time when you have it
  • Shows you’ve abandoned:
    • Parenthood
    • Rain
  • Shows you didn’t expect to like but love now:
    • Man In the High Castle—alternate timeline of what might have happened if the Nazis and Japan had won WWII
    • Grimm—sci-fi/fantasy murder mystery show with a romance on the side

Current Lovelies-

Erin: reading good books and a wider variety of books.

MacKenzie: also reading more and reading good quality fiction.

Resources Mentioned-



America’s First Daughter

The Help

Dear Mr. Knightley

A Portrait of Emily Price

The Brontë Plot

The Austen Escape


The Young Victoria


Strengths Finder


Find The Hosts-

You can find Erin on her website, You can also find her on the following social media: FacebookInstagramPinterest, and Twitter.

You can find MacKenzie Monroe on Instagram, Facebook, and the CTL Facebook Group, of course!

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2 thoughts on “CTL Episode 55- Intentional TV Time with Erin Odom

  1. Rachel

    Loved this chat! I’m also a 36 yr old mom of 4 and I loved getting a few new show ideas, from this podcast, to watch with my hubby since we have completely different tastes… Although, my hubby and I both absolutely LOVED Poldark, even when things went off the rails in seasons 2 & 3!


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