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Mar 20 2018

CTL Episode 57- Everyday Kindness with Julie Fisk and Kendra Roehl

episode 57

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Show Notes-

Today’s episode of Cultivating the Lovely features a discussion host MacKenzie Monroe had with Kendra Roehl and Julie Fisk, authors of The One Year Daily Acts of Kindness Devotional. Kendra and Julie, along with Kendra’s sister, Kristin Demery, run a collaborative website and blog called The Ruth Experience. They are real life friends, living in Minnesota, writing and doing community together. MacKenzie chats with Kendra and Julie about starting their online ministry, writing books and so much more!

  • The background behind The Ruth Experience, inspired by Kendra and Kristin’s sister Katrina
  • What it is like doing ministry and writing in community


  • How The One Year Daily Acts of Kindness Devotional came about
  • The biggest tip Kendra and Julie have for anyone who wants to write a book
  • Developing the Daily Acts of Kindness practice from combating the commercialism of Christmas and focussing on serving Jesus
  • The hard truth about digging into what being kind really means
  • The difference between entertaining and hospitality.
  • The value of being real and honest instead of trying to put up a perfect image all the time.
  • Doable, small acts of kindness where you are already


  • How to start being more intentional about kindness:
    • praying for opportunities and divine appointments
    • set aside your own timetable
    • looking within your own home
  • Being gracious with yourself and acknowledging your stage of life, while still being intentional about doing what you can in that

Current Lovelies-

Julie: observing Lent with their children by fasting from something different each week, praying over something each week and then using a giving fund to meet a need for someone in the community.

Kendra: painting some furniture for their 100 year old house and enjoying it!

MacKenzie: looking for a rental house and planning how to make that house a home for her family.

Resources Mentioned-


The One Year Daily Acts of Kindness Devotional

Hello Mornings



The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey

Mom Struggling Well


Pride and Prejudice

Return to Me

Steel Magnolias

Find Kendra and Julie-

You can find Kendra and Julie on their website, You can also find them across social media on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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