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Apr 4 2018

CTL Episode 59- Making and Saving Money While Mothering Well

episode 59

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Show Notes-

This week, MacKenzie Monroe and co-host Erin Odom chat about Erin’s new book You Can Stay Home with Your Kids, which releases on April 10, 2018. They also discuss some specific ideas on how to make an income and live within your budget while being a stay at home parent.

  • The story behind Erin’s new book
  • What Erin hopes moms will get out of this book, whether they work outside the home or are at home full time
  • The importance of continuing to develop your own interests while still being a great mom
  • Knowing when it’s time to develop your profession or platform and when it’s time to focus on your family



  • Beware of comparing your situation with what you see someone else accomplishing online
  • Specific money-saving ideas to stretch your budget
  •  Consignment sale shopping tips and tricks
    • Why MacKenzie and Erin love shopping consignment sales to save time and money
    • Strategies for making the most of your consignment sale shopping trip
    • Taking inventory of your kids clothes so you know what you really need to buy
    • Making the most of hand-me-downs


Current Lovelies-

Erin: intentionally spending less time on Facebook by taking the app of her phone

MacKenzie: spending more time reading because of her new Kindle Paperwhite

Resources Mentioned-


You Can Stay Home with Your Kids

More Than Just Making It

Surprised by Oxford


The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio

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You can find Erin on her website, You can also find her on the following social media: FacebookInstagramPinterest, and Twitter.

You can find MacKenzie Monroe on Instagram, Facebook, and the CTL Facebook Group, of course!

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