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Apr 25 2018

CTLP Episode 62- The Read-Aloud Difference with Sarah MacKenzie


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Show Notes-

This week on Cultivating the Lovely, MacKenzie chats with Sarah MacKenzie, host of the Read-Aloud Revival Podcast. Sarah is a wife and mother of six, including 4 year old twin boys. She also runs the Read-Aloud Revival membership site and just launched her second book, The Read-Aloud Family. In this episode of CTL, MacKenzie and Sarah talk all about her new book as well as other topics related to reading aloud with your family.

  • How The Read-Aloud Family became a manifesto on connecting with our children and nurturing our family relationships through reading aloud
  • What you can expect to find in the book:
    • First section of the book is all about the benefits of reading aloud
    • Second section is dedicated to the practical, nitty-gritty strategies for making reading aloud happen
    • Third section is a list of read aloud recommendations divided up by age


  • The work to prepare for writing the book and compiling the book lists
  • How to quickly choose books to read aloud with your family when you haven’t already read them:
    • Read the first page, as well as few more paragraphs about a third of the way through, then ask a few questions:
      • Can I close my eyes and visualize what I just read?
      • Does this have excellent vocabulary?
      • Am I curious to know what happens next?
  • How to deal with a book that has content you weren’t ready to discuss with your kids
  • Questions to ask your kids in order to spark conversation on big ideas


  • Not over-analyzing what the author might have intended in writing a book but being humble and taking the story as it is
  • What has helped Sarah become confident in her convictions about relationships and reading aloud 
  • Reading for enjoyment over reading for academic progress
  • Remembering that connection can happen over stories, no matter what the form of education or what stage of life your family is in

Current Lovelies-

Sarah: putting down her phone more and intentionally more present and noticing things around her

MacKenzie: getting out her favorite pretty planner supplies to add a little more lovely to her day

Resources Mentioned-


The Read-Aloud Family


Parenting Great Kids with Dr. Meg Meeker

What Should I Read Next? with Anne Bogel

Ann Kroeker, Writing Coach


The Notebook

The Man Who Invented Christmas

Find Sarah-

You can find Sarah on her podcast, Read Aloud Revival. You can also find Sarah on her website, as well as across social media on Facebook and Instagram.

Listen to the CTL Podcast-

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