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May 9 2018

CTLP Episode 64- The Importance of Community with Leah Boden


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Show Notes-

Today on Cultivating the Lovely, MacKenzie chats with Leah about the importance of community, along with all the challenges and benefits of finding real community online and in person. They cover topics such as:

-The difference that having online community makes in a more disconnected world

-Dynamics of female friendships

-How much we need female friendships as our children get older

-The danger of only connecting with people who have the same interests or do things the same way you do

-The benefit of having friendships with people who are different than you are


-Finding and being a friend who will stick by you through changing life seasons

-How spending time with people can shape our lives

-Dealing with hurt in friendship

-Different levels of friendship and having people who fill different roles in our lives

-Getting out of our comfort zones to commit to friendship


-Embracing your local community life

-Making a priority of spending time with other women

-Being willing to be the person investing more in the friendship in certain seasons

-How technology can bring us closer to friends across the globe

Current Lovelies-

Leah: listening to Emily P. Freeman’s podcast, The Next Right Thing, every week

MacKenzie: riding her new bike around the city trails with her family

Resources Mentioned-


The Next Right Thing with Emily P. Freeman

The Glorious in the Mundane with Christy Nockels

The Wally Show from WAY-FM

Find The Hosts-

You can find Leah Boden at her websites and as well as Instagram and Facebook.

You can find MacKenzie Monroe on Instagram, Facebook, and the CTL Facebook Group, of course!

Listen to the CTL Podcast-

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