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Jun 6 2018

CTL Episode 67- The Reading Life with Anne Bogel


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Show Notes-

This week on Cultivating the Lovely, MacKenzie chats with Anne Bogel. Anne is the popular writer and podcaster behind Modern Mrs. Darcy and What Should I Read Next? She is wife to Will and mom to 4 kids, living in Louisville, KY, along with their yellow Labrador retriever. She and MacKenzie chat all things books and reading, podcasting and personality types, including:

  • How Anne started her blog and how it developed into what it is today
  • Blogging and building online community that turns into in-person relationship
  • How Anne goes about making individualized book recommendations
  • How reading a book is similar to learning about personality types
  • Whether or not personality typing plays into Anne’s books’ recommendations
  • The challenge of being honest about your actual tendencies and what you wish were your tendencies


  •  Anne’s daily life and how she keeps up with all the various demands on her time by using block scheduling and time budgeting
  • Digging back into books after you’ve been away from reading for a while
  • Find out what kind of books you really like to read
  • Make time in your schedule for reading as self-care
  • Getting more out of your reading life
  • Keeping a reading journal to notice patterns


Current Lovelies-

Anne: cutting flowers from her yard and making bouquets with them, doing contemplative reading first thing in the morning then leaving the house to work out

MacKenzie: enjoying getting out and about in her town now that the weather is warmer and spending time with her family

Resources Mentioned-


Reading People


NPR’s Making Obama 

From the Front Porch

Pantsuit Politics

NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour

Read Aloud Revival

Off Camera with Sam Jones



Find Anne-

You can find Anne on her podcast, What Should I Read Next. You can also find Anne on her website Modern Mrs. Darcy, as well as across social media on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

Listen to the CTL Podcast-

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