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Jun 27 2018

CTLP Episode 70- Life Giving Parenting with Sally Clarkson


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Show Notes-

This week on Cultivating the Lovely MacKenzie has a conversation with her friend Sally Clarkson, a popular Christian author and speaker who encourages women and mothers around the world through her various ministries. Sally and MacKenzie chat about what has been going on in both their lives lately, as well as the Clay and Sally Clarkson’s newest book, The Life-giving Parent.

  • Having an organic, whole-life approach to parenting rather than a set of rules or formulas


  • Loveliness doesn’t just happen but takes intention and work
  • Leaving your children with a life-giving word
  • Learning how to speak worth and value even if that wasn’t part of your own childhood
  • How to cultivate words of life in your own heart 
    • The great value of beginning the day with quiet time in the Word
    • Reading books that encourage you to be the best version of yourself
    • Forming friendships with like-minded women to walk through life with you
  • Shaping our children’s wills rather than behavior modification
    • Talking about choices and consequences with children
    • Modeling how to deal with difficulties 


  • The importance of fostering a healthy imagination in our children
    • Casting a vision for the future in our children’s minds and hearts
    • The value of inspiring stories over burdensome rules
  • Having great conversations over stories as a family
    • Asking thoughtful questions about books read together
    • Use mealtimes as a time to interact and have deep conversation
  • Using the time you DO have wisely to build into the lives of your children
  • Our children are looking to us for how to feel about their own lives

Current Lovelies-

Sally: buying cut flowers for her home, intentionally inviting people over for tea and a chat

MacKenzie: taking care of her own health by intentionally drinking more water 

Resources Mentioned-


The Life-Giving Parent

The Life-Giving Table

Philip Yancey books

Find Sally-

You can find Sally Clarkson at her websites and on her podcast, At Home with Sally and Friends, as well as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter,

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