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Jul 3 2018

CTLP Episode 71- Biblical Meditation with Kari Denker


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Show Notes-

Today’s CTL podcast features a conversation between host MacKenzie Monroe and her friend Kari Denker. Kari is a wife and mom of 3 teenage boys, as well as a blogger at and the creator of the Journal and Doodle Bible studies.

  • Kari’s new biblical Meditation guides and the ideas behind them
    • Definition of biblical Meditation: filling your mind with God’s Word
    • Slowing down and really spending time looking at a passage from every angle
    • Kari’s own story of frustration with rushing through big chunks of Scripture
  • The power of story and setting our attitude in relationship with our families and with God


  • Kari’s parenting struggles and how they drove her to deeper Bible study
  • How Kari developed this method of biblical meditation
  • Kari’s research into the Puritans and their prayers and meditation practices
  • Asking questions of your heart and of the Word 
  • The division of Psalm 119 by each section beginning with a letter of the Hebrew alphabet 
  • Writing, journalling and marking up the Word to see new things in the text
  • Seeing how time in the Word becomes a treat instead of an obligation


Current Lovelies-

Kari: watching Little House on the Prairie weekly as a family and planning to build a cabin in their backyard

MacKenzie: dressing up with the kids and keeping their fun family traditions for the Fourth of July

Resources Mentioned-


I Will Meditate books

Journal and Doodle Bible study books

Valley of Vision

Other Links Mentioned:

Do Not Depart blog

Kari’s YouTube video of different types of meditation pages

Find Kari-

You can find Kari Denker and her various Bible Studies at her website You can also follow her across social media: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube.

Listen to the CTL Podcast-

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2 thoughts on “CTLP Episode 71- Biblical Meditation with Kari Denker

  1. Jenn Lewis

    Hello! I’m way behind on my CTL podcast listening and I just listened to episode #71 yesterday. I loved hearing what and and Kari spoke about and k really want to try the Meditation 119. However, I can’t seem to download it from her site… can you help me with this?

    1. MacKenzie

      Oh my word- I am just seeing your comment! So Sorry! This is something you would have to ask Kari about because I don’t know why it wouldn’t be working from her site. Sorry!


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