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Jul 18 2018

CTLP Episode 73- Finding Freedom in the Midst of our Mess with Jess Connolly


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Show Notes-

On this episode, MacKenzie Koppa Monroe talks with Jess Connolly about her new devotional book Always Enough, Never Too Much. Jess is a pastor’s wife and mom of four currently ministering in Charleston, South Carolina. Today MacKenzie and Jess tackle a variety of issues related to women finding freedom and identity within the context of their faith and the local church, including:


  • Why Christian women may feel more pressure and uncertainty about their identity than women outside of the church and what we can do about that
  • Seeking restoration for our right relationships with each other and with God
  • Putting our relationship with God first and being responsible for our own growth in Christ
  • Being gracious with ourselves and with other women and helping others find freedom
  • The life-changing realization that God is bigger than our circumstances and challenges


  • A few of Jess’ favorite devotionals in the book
  • How Jess and Hayley actually approached the writing process on this book
  • The story behind Jess and Hayley’s friendship and writing relationship
  • The difference between writing a book alone and co-authoring a book
  • A first sneak-peek into Jess’s next book topic!

Current Lovelies-

Jess: learning how to be more spontaneous and enjoying the surprises in her days

MacKenzie: working on establishing a good early morning routine before the school year begins

Resources Mentioned-


Always Enough, Never Too Much

Wild and Free

Dance, Stand, Run

Find Jess-

You can find Jess Connolly on her website, You can also follow her on Facebook,  Twitter, and Instagram.

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