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Jul 25 2018

CTLP Episode 74- Cultivating the Lovely in Difficult Times with Rebekah Sacran


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Show Notes-

This episode of Cultivating the Lovely is a special sneak peak into the Patreon exclusive podcast “What Ingrid and Fiona Like” with MacKenzie Koppa Monroe and her friend Rebekah Sacran. If you want to get in on this podcast on a regular basis, you can become a CTL Patreon subscriber here. As a member of the Patreon group, you will also have access to special bonus printable, monthly challenges and a private CTL facebook group. On this episode, MacKenzie and Rebekah talk about how they are finding ways to “cultivate the lovely” in the midst of challenging times:

Making the best of stressful, difficult situations in small ways

Rebekah’s meal planning challenges

MacKenzie’s efforts to stay upbeat amidst her daughter’s broken arm incident

Fixing the small problems instead of ignoring them and letting them get to you


Being yourself and having fun with your kids instead of taking yourself so seriously

Facing big life changes, like sending kids to school instead of homeschooling

Knowing that these times will likely not last forever

Having a hopeful outlook and knowing that sometimes these challenges can actually produce positive results

Find the Hosts-

You can find Rebekah Sacran on Instagram. You can find MacKenzie Koppa Monroe on Instagram, Facebook, and the CTL Facebook Group, of course!

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