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Aug 1 2018

CTLP Episode 75- Planning and Prepping for a New School Year with Kendra Hennessy

episode 75

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Show Notes-

This week on CTL, MacKenzie Koppa chats with Kendra Hennessy from Mother Like a Boss. Kendra is a wife and mother, and her online space is dedicated to helping moms with modern homemaking and home management. Today on the show, MacKenzie and Kendra chat about planning and preparing for the new school year. Join the Patreon group for more inside tips and tools to help you get underway this August.

  • Use the end of summer to make decisions about your new school year routines and practicing those routines ahead of time.
  • Give yourself a grace period to try out new routines and change them as needed.
  • Pick out kids’ clothes for the whole week all at once on the weekend
  • Meal plan for the whole month
  • Create systems to reduce decision fatigue and stay organized
  • Get a good chore routine in place for the kids before school starts


  • Consider your family’s waking times and after school commitments
  • Set up everything you can the night before
  • Get yourself up earlier than your kids so you can have some time set your intention and get ready for the day
  • Be well prepared without aiming for unrealistic perfection

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  • Think ahead about what could happen and prepare for those things
  • Use MacKenzie’s Lovely Homeschool planning course to get your year on track
  • Look at planning as buying back your time later
  • Take the time now to train your kids to do chores to equip them and help the family

Current Lovelies-

Kendra: creating a summer bucket list with her family

MacKenzie: preparing the new podcasts that are coming out in the fall

Resources Mentioned-


Mind Your Business with James Wedmore


The Money Pit

Find Kendra-

You can find Kendra Hennessy on her website, You can also follow her on social media on Facebook,  Instagram, and Pinterest.

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