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Aug 15 2018

CTLP Episode 77- Deepening Relationships with Our Kids Through Story with Katie Duckett


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Show Notes-

On this episode of Cultivating the Lovely, MacKenzie Koppa chats with her good friend Katie Duckett all about the new podcast, The Same Page, coming out August 27, 2018. Together they discuss the background story, how Katie got involved and what you as listeners can expect!

  • How MacKenzie came up with the idea for The Same Page podcast
  • How Katie became involved and started contributing ideas to the project


  • The two different editions of The Same Page
    • The Core Edition with memory work
    • The Literary Edition with classic children’s books
  • The reason MacKenzie chose The Wizard of Oz for the first book to record
  • A special additional resource for The Same Page in the CTL Patreon group
    • The Yellow Brick Road podcast for Patreon subscribers only
    • Resources and ideas for parents to help foster discussion and atmosphere


  • The two things that we can control in bringing up our kids:
    • Our own hearts
    • The atmosphere
  • The excitement that Katie and MacKenzie have about the development of this project
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Current Lovelies-

Katie: preparing for her Anne of Green Gables themed birthday party

MacKenzie: enjoying getting back to her acting roots and playing characters

Resources Mentioned-


The Wizard of Oz

Find Katie-

You can find Katie Duckett on Instagram.

Listen to the CTL Podcast-

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