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Aug 22 2018

CTLP Episode 78- When You Just Can’t Meal Plan with Tiffany King


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Show Notes-

This week on the CTL Podcast, host MacKenzie Koppa talks with Tiffany King, founder of Eat at Home and meal planner extraordinaire. Tiffany and MacKenzie chat about Tiffany’s book, Eat at Home Tonight, as well as all things food prep and meal planning, including:

  • How and why Tiffany started Eat at Home as a hobby blog and then gradually grew it into a business
  • What the Eat At Home meal planning service provides
  • Meal planning to match your schedule and calendar
  • Finding shortcuts that work for you to help you make eating at home happen more often
  • Cutting down on decision fatigue by already knowing what you are going to cook
  • The great resources and recipes found in Eat at Home Tonight
  • What the process of writing the cookbook looked like for Tiffany




  • Seeing the fruit of making family meals at home a priority
  • Getting kids involved in the meal planning process while still saving your sanity
  • Collecting some stand-by recipes that work for your family when you are short on time

Current Lovelies-

Tiffany: taking a hike with her husband and having quality time and conversation

MacKenzie: embracing her new role as a single, working mom

Resources Mentioned-


Eat at Home Tonight


White Nights

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You can find Tiffany King on her website, You can also follow Tiffany and Eat at Home on these social media: Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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You can find MacKenzie Monroe on Instagram, Facebook, and the CTL Facebook Group, of course!

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