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Oct 17 2018

CTLP Episode 86: Calming Angry Kids with Tricia Goyer


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Show Notes-

On Cultivating the Lovely today, host MacKenzie Koppa chats with her friend Tricia Goyer. Tricia and her husband John have ten children, seven through adoption. She is also a prolific author, having over 70 fiction and non-fiction titles to her name. On today’s episode, MacKenzie and Tricia catch up on life, as well as talk about Tricia’s new book, Calming Angry Kids.

  • Why the topic of angry kids hits so close to home for all parents
  • Why Tricia wanted to make this a very practical book
  • The balance Tricia had to have in sharing transparent stories but also protecting her kids’ privacy while writing the book
  • How all parents could benefit from the tips in Tricia’s book, not just those with children who have experienced trauma
  • The difference between children who deal with their anger internally or externally
  • How Tricia addresses teaching children how to deal with their anger in any age or stage
  • Being an advocate for our children in the midst of ongoing situations we can’t change


  • Being fully present with our children and letting them know we truly care outside of the conflict
  • Giving over-the-top praise for the little things our kids do and cheering them on
  • Tricia’s current typical daily routine

Current Lovelies-

Tricia: finding moments for one-on-one time with her children to let them feel seen and heard

MacKenzie: making the most of the time with just her 3-year-old while the older children are in school

Resources Mentioned-


Calming Angry Kids

Walk It Out

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You can find Tricia on her website, and listen to her Walk It Out Podcast. You can also follow Tricia on the following social media: FacebookInstagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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You can find MacKenzie Koppa on Instagram, Facebook, and the CTL Facebook Group, of course! You can also listen to her new podcast The Same Page!

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