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Oct 24 2018

CTLP Episode 87- Creating Your Own Cozy Minimalist Home with Myquillyn Smith


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Show Notes-

On Cultivating the Lovely today, host MacKenzie Koppa chats with Myquillyn Smith, creator of and author of MacKenzie’s favorite book of the year, Cozy Minimalist Home: More Style, Less Stuff. Myquillyn loves encouraging women to embrace their homes–imperfections and all. Her lived-in, loved-on home has been featured in Better Homes & Gardens, Ladies’ Home Journal and Cottages & Bungalows. She lives in North Carolina with her husband and three boys.

  • Why MacKenzie loved this book so much even in the midst of transitioning living spaces
  • Making the best of the spaces in which we live, even if they are temporary
  • What a “cozy minimalist” really is and how you know if you are one
  • Why we tend toward making the mistake of gathering lots of small things
  • How having less stuff helps us feel less anxious and more peaceful
  • Focussing on how your home can serve you in your current season
  • Making our spaces a place to cultivate relationships
  • The importance of keeping empty surfaces
  • How Myquillyn came up with the steps of creating a pleasing vignette in your home decor


  • Giving yourself permission to say you have enough
  • The purpose of decorating our homes is so that it serves our purposes well

Current Lovelies-

Myquillyn: having fun with mixing the patterns of her bed linens

MacKenzie: organizing her kids’ clothes and making their spaces feel more functional

Resources Mentioned-

Myquillyn’s Cozy Minimalist Class


Cozy Minimalist Home: More Style, Less Stuff

The Nesting Place: It Doesn’t Have to Be Perfect to Be Beautiful


Life Is Beautiful

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