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Oct 31 2018

CTLP Episode 88- The Importance of Kindness with Candace Cameron Bure


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Show Notes-

On Cultivating the Lovely today, host MacKenzie Koppa chats with well-known actress and author, Candace Cameron Bure. Best remembered for her childhood role as D.J. Tanner on Full House, now as a wife and mother to three children, Candace balances her family life and her professional roles in light of her faith. She and MacKenzie talk about Candace’s new books, as well as how her faith impacts her work and social media presence, including:

  • Candace Center Stage and how this new children’s book came to be
  • The challenge of speaking up for what is right while being kind and respectful
  • Being comfortable talking and listening to people who are different and don’t share your beliefs
  • How Candace has chosen balance in different seasons of family life and work


  • Candace’s new role as a director of Fuller House
  • The new Hallmark Christmas movie in which Candace is starring this year–A Shoe Addict’s Christmas, coming out November 25, 2018.
  • How Candace takes care of herself in order to keep up with the demands of her schedule
    • getting adequate sleep
    • working out regularly
    • reading good books
    • talking to close friends
  • Candace’s ever-changing routine, depending on what she is doing for work

Current Lovelies-

Candace:  trying to stay happy and positive in her interaction with other people

Resources Mentioned-


Candace Center Stage

Kind is the New Classy

Shoe Addict’s Christmas: a Novel

Becoming Mrs. Lewis

Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology

The Road Back to You

Girl, Wash Your Face

Walking with God



John Mayer


The Splash

Rise with Rachel Hollis

Find Candace-

You can find Candace on her website, You can also follow Candace on the following social media: FacebookInstagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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You can find MacKenzie Koppa on Instagram, Facebook, and the CTL Facebook Group, of course! You can also listen to her new podcast The Same Page!

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