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Jan 28 2016

CTLP Episode 10 – January Q&A with MacKenzie Monroe & Erika Oeding

Questions from listeners and Facebook Community members abound! We’re taking time to answer some of your questions in this episode of Cultivating the Lovely the Podcast. You’ll also get to know the amazing Erika Oeding, who is such a crucial part of the Cultivating the Lovely Team.
  • Ever wonder how MacKenzie and Erika met?
  • How does she get it all done? Because you’re sure MacKenzie’s cooking a 5 course breakfast after the Morning Show each day – right?!
  • What’s the background for the whole “cultivating the lovely” idea, attitude, lifestyle, and ministry?
MacKenzie and Erika tackle these questions and more in this light and fun January Q & A. Enjoy!

Resources Mentioned in the Show

Homeschool Made Simple – a Seminar by Carol Joy Sides
You can here more of MacKenzie’s story on Episode 14 of The inside Scope with Ryan Bilello
The Read Aloud Revival
ownyourlife 24family
7brides pit

Want to find Erika?

You can find Erika on her blog and @chaoticblessing on social media except on Periscope, you’ll find her as @chaotic_blessin – you can watch her replays on Katch. And even if you’re not a planner girl – you have to check out her gorgeous planner stickers and paper accessories in her Etsy Shop (these stickers are so cute they may just turn you into a paper planner).

2 thoughts on “CTLP Episode 10 – January Q&A with MacKenzie Monroe & Erika Oeding

  1. Shannon

    Hi MacKenzie and Erika,
    I LOVE “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers!!!!” I love musicals, period, especially the older, classic ones. My all-time favorite is “Oklahoma!” This was an awesome podcast, and so much fun! Thank you very much for doing everything that you both do!


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