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Apr 10 2019

CTLP Episode 111- Have More Fun with Mandy Arioto


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Show Notes-

On today’s episode of Cultivating the Lovely, MacKenzie Koppa chats with Mandy Arioto, CEO of MOPs International and author of the new book Have More FunTogether MacKenzie and Mandy talk about building relationships with family and friends through fun, vulnerability and being fully present in the moment.

  • Mandy’s eclectic journey to becoming CEO of MOPs
  • Why Mandy decided she needed to write this book
  • The research Mandy did to find unique stories of people who did fun things throughout history


  • Letting go of the need to be “cool” and just being yourself and having fun
  • Being vulnerable and not taking ourselves so seriously instead of being defensive
  • Being world-changers by simply living our lives well
  • Speaking life and enjoying being with our children
  • Taking a break from self-improvement to experience the joy of real life
  • A typical day in the life of Mandy at home and at work

Current Lovelies

Mandy: having her morning cup of tea and some chocolate biscotti to begin her day

MacKenzie: going to yoga therapy to learn how to retrain her physical responses to stress

Resources Mentioned:


Have More Fun 


You’ve Got Mail

Find Mandy-

You can find out more about Mandy on her website,, or listen to her podcast, Have More Fun. You can also follow Mandy on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

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You can find MacKenzie Koppa on Instagram, Facebook, and the CTL Facebook Group, of course! You can also listen to her family-friendly podcast The Same Page!

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