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May 22 2019

CTLP Episode 117- Cultivating Friendship in Hard Times with Chelle Bruzas


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Show Notes-

Today on Cultivating the Lovely, MacKenzie sits down for a conversation with her good friend Chelle Bruzas. Together Chelle and MacKenzie share a lot about their friendship, how they’ve grown closer in hard times, and how they make time and space for the things that matter in life.

  • How Chelle intentionally makes her relationship with the Lord a priority in the middle of a busy life
  • The story of Chelle’s health problems beginning with her last pregnancy
  • Learning to receive the gift of people’s help in times when we really need it



  • The role that MacKenzie’s friends have had in the lives of her kids during a hard season
  • Chelle’s inspiration for cultivating beauty and loveliness in her home
  • Welcoming people into your home with beauty and being ok with the imperfections
  • Chelle’s typical daily rhythm

Current Lovelies-

Chelle: taking her daughter to a yard sale and buying some chairs

Resources Mentioned-


Churchome with Judah Smith


Cinderella Man

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You can find Chelle Bruzas on Instagram.

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You can find MacKenzie Koppa on Instagram, Facebook, and the CTL Facebook Group, of course! You can also listen to her family podcast The Same Page!

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