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May 29 2019

CTLP Episode 118-Simplifying Nature Study with Joy Cherrick


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Show Notes-

On today’s episode of Cultivating the Lovely, MacKenzie talks with Joy Cherrick, a busy wife and mom of 6 children. As a classical Charlotte Mason homeschooler, Joy has found the value of doing nature study with her own family and seeks to share that with others through her Nature Study Hacking resources. Together MacKenzie and Joy talk about nature study, as well as parenting, developing your own talents while mothering, and so much more!

  • How Joy fit in developing her nature study guides and website during the fringe moments
  • Pursuing goals and developing talents in the years while our kids are young
  • How and why Joy developed her nature study resources first for her own family
  • The need for a mother’s own training in the area of nature study
  • The simple steps Joy has distilled down for families to do nature study together
  • Using many different methods for recording things in a nature journal


  • The benefits and purpose of taking the time for studying nature
  • Reflecting God’s beauty of creation in our lives and homes
  • The importance of spending time outdoors to our mental and physical health
  • How nature study can help normalize talking about topics like birth and sexuality
  • A typical day in the life of Joy’s family

Current Lovelies-

Joy: getting outside every day while the weather is good, especially in the morning

MacKenzie: taking epson salts baths at night to wind down and relax

Resources Mentioned-


Handbook of Nature Study by Anna Comstock

How to Draw Almost Everything by Chika Miyata

Consider This by Karen Glass

Walden by Henry David Thoreau

Home Education by Charlotte Mason


Pride and Prejudice

Find Joy-

You can find Joy Cherrick on her website, You can also follow her on Instagram.

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You can find MacKenzie Koppa on Instagram, Facebook, and the CTL Facebook Group, of course! You can also listen to her family podcast The Same Page!

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