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Mar 3 2016

CTLP Episode 13 – The Blessing of Big Families with Amy Roberts

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Today I’m chatting with Amy Roberts of, wife of 20 years and mom to nine – ages 18 all the way down to age one! Amy shares her heart with me about the blessings and trials of raising and homeschooling a large family. Amy shares her story and answer to the never-ending question: “Nine kids?! How did that happen?” – and of course, it’s more than the birds and bees. She shares how God convicted her and her husband to enjoy all the blessings that He would give to them.
But sometimes seeing children as a blessing is hard. It’s work. It’s messy. Moms and kids are imperfect.
And that’s okay – because it’s not supposed to be easy. God never told us He would make our lives easy as we follow His direction and calling. But, He has promised He will equip us to do the work He sets before us!
Amy’s advice to moms is to live in the moment – to live where we are and not look for “the end” of “this season.” The best way to ensure unhappiness, anxiety, and depression is to always be looking for an end of things that are difficult. Learning to be joyful and finding lovely in the mess of real life is to begin realizing the goodness, beauty and grace of God.
…And that’s really what Cultivating the Lovely is all about!

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