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Aug 21 2019

CTLP Episode 130- Your CTL Season 5 Kick-off with MacKenzie


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Show Notes:

Welcome to Season 5 of Cultivating the Lovely the Podcast! Today on the show, MacKenzie Koppa is joined by her friend Chelle Bruzas to bring you all up to speed on what is coming up this season around the CTL community! Also, stick around to the end of show to hear Chelle ask MacKenzie her own “stock questions” and get to know your lovely host a little bit better.

  • MacKenzie explains some of the changes happening with the Cultivating the Lovely platform
  • How the CTL Patreon group is making a difference in community and keeping MacKenzie motivated and inspired
  • Exciting new coaching opportunity for upper level members in the Patreon community
  • The Morning Show is staying on Facebook for Patreon members and coming to Instagram 2 days a week in September
  • Some of the upcoming topics for the fall:
    • Fending off stress
    • Information on our cycles
    • Checking in on routines
    • Fall style and skincare
  • Sign ups are open for new Cultivating Groups for September for Lovely Tribe and Loveliest Level members!


  • What is happening with The Same Page podcast in the future
  • Looking forward to the Cultivating the Lovely podcast in Season 5
  • The renewed joy and excitement MacKenzie has about going forward after having some rough spots in the past year
  • MacKenzie answers her own stock questions and explains how some things have changed over the last couple of years

Current Lovelies:

Chelle: taking daily walks even when it isn’t the most convenient time

MacKenzie: trying to end her shower with a short burst of cold water

Resources Mentioned:


My Father’s Dragon

When to Walk Away


The Wally Show

The Popcast

What Should I Read Next?


You’ve Got Mail

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You can find Chelle Bruzas on Instagram.

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You can find MacKenzie Koppa on Instagram, Facebook, and the CTL Facebook Group, of course! You can also listen to her family podcast The Same Page!

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