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Oct 16 2019

CTLP Episode 138- Living the Ex-Pat Life with Brooke Rasmussen, Pt. 2

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Show Notes-

On this week’s episode of Cultivating the Lovely, we get to hear the rest of MacKenzie’s conversation with Brooke Rasmussen. Last time we left off on the cusp of Brooke’s family moving to Israel, so we pick up at that point in their story. If you didn’t listen to the first half of MacKenzie and Brooke’s chat, go back and listen to Episode 137 here.

  • What it was like moving to Jerusalem and being in the place that Biblical history took place
  • How Brooke used journalling to find herself in the midst of overwhelm
  • The cultural differences between Israel, Poland and the U. S. and learning to change expectations for social interactions
  • Why it is often harder for the stay-at-home mom to forge community in a new country and culture than for the rest of the family
  • How Brooke felt when she found other people who understood her experience
  • Learning to let relationships last for certain seasons
  • The Rasmussens’ decision to resign from diplomatic service and move to Brooke’s hometown
  • Enjoying living close to grandparents and having a family different dynamic
  • Settling in and learning to live where you are, instead of always looking ahead to the next thing
  • A typical day in Brooke’s family

Current Lovelies-

Brooke: enjoying running for fun for the first time

MacKenzie: reading fun fiction, listening to entertaining podcasts and trying to distract herself

Resources Mentioned-


Jordan B. Peterson


Lars and the Real Girl

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