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Sep 4 2013

14 Steps for Getting Out of the House On Time With Kids

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14 Steps for Getting out of the house in the morning on time with kids

Our homeschool co-op doesn’t start for two more weeks but our orientation is TOMORROW! Since I’m the Secretary this year I HAVE to be there early! No ifs, ands or buts, this mama who hast struggled to even get to co-op on time in the past has got to be there with time to spare! So, I’ve created an action plan based on how I prepared for the days that I did make it to co-op successfully last year and I thought some of you mamas who are headed back to co-op or school right now just might find it helpful too!

So, if you want to get to your co-op (or wherever else it is you’re needing to get to) on time, or even (dare I say) early, join me and do this-

The Day Before…

1. Pack lunches during lunch the day before! That way you are already preparing a meal and don’t have to get everything out twice AND you’re not trying to rush around and pull something together in the morning when you should be heading out the door! I highly recommend using Easy Lunch Boxes since they are easy to fill and they’re compact. Oh, and don’t forget to fill your water bottles!

The Night Before…

Lay out everyone's clothes

2. Lay out EVERYONE’S clothes– yes, even yours! It’s so much easier if you aren’t trying to scramble to find clean underwear or socks in the morning! Think of every last thing, including coats and hats if need be. And for all that is holy– pick out shoes that your kids can put on themselves! Those moments right before you head out the door are usually the most harried, so try to make them as simple as possible!

Pack the car the night before

3. Pack the car with anything that doesn’t have to be used in the morning or refrigerated overnight. That means that backpacks and all teaching supplies get safely stowed in the trunk where they can’t be forgotten in the mad morning rush!

Write a list the night before

4. Make a list of everything you need to remember in the morning that you weren’t able to pack in the car the night before- water bottles, lunch box, diaper bag (if it wasn’t packed already), phone, camera, kids 😉 and all such items should be on there!

5. Shower, or at the very least have it be a morning when you don’t have to wash and blow dry your hair! (I only wash mine every other day because its actually better for your hair) This alone saves me approximately 20 minutes!

Put your keys in a safe spot

6. The night before make sure you have your keys someplace you can find them that is also out of the reach of children! There’s nothing worse than heading out the door only to realize that little hands have moved those precious commodities to some undisclosed location! Remind me to tell you about the sock drawer incident sometime!

7. Get breakfast as ready as you can (laying out bowls & spoons or maybe even making a slowcooker oatmeal- this is a great time to put freezer breakfasts to use!) and have it completely ready to go before you wake up the kids! That way they can just get up and walk straight to the table.

8. This is possibly the hardest and the most important one- go to bed early! To be explained in #9!

The Morning of…

9. Wake up earlier than you think you need to! Ya know how you went to bed earlier than you wanted to last night? Well, get up earlier than you want to this morning too! Get up as early as you can humanly stand! Don’t hit snooze, don’t collect $200, just get your booty out of bed before the sun! Trust me, if you can completely pull yourself together before you are dealing with the kids you will be so much less stressed and won’t be forced to fly down the highway going 10 over the speed limit whilst giving the, “We’re super late guys, so when we get to co-op tear off your coat and sprint with wild abandon to your first class!” speech! …not that I’ve ever done that. 😉

Have your kids get dressed after breakfast

10. Have your kids get dressed after breakfast. You don’t want to have to deal with any last minute wardrobe changes due to flying oatmeal or cranberry juice!

Sometimes you have to wake a sleeping baby!

11. Don’t forget to wake the baby with plenty of time to change, feed and change again- which will likely take longer than you think, so plan accordingly! (I always mess this one up!)

12. Ban all electronics from yourself and the kids! Checking Facebook is never as quick as you think it will be and let’s face it, once those kids get sucked into a show or a game your not likely to extract them from it very easily to finish their breakfast or put on their shoes! Be in the moment and focus on the tasks at hand.

13. Set an alarm for about five minutes before you need to leave as well as the time you actually want to be walking out the door. This is a good check system for everyone and gives the kids an extra sense of urgency to get things done. Plus, it cuts down the stress between you and the kids if it is the alarm telling them to get moving and not you!

Grab your stuff and go!

14. Grab every thing that you have left to grab (which should all be written down on your handy dandy little list from lat night), head for the car and hit the road! Nice job mama! You deserve chocolate! Or maybe you even have time to grab a coffee!

You love me now, don’t you!?

Free printable!

I hope you find these tips helpful! And just because I love you all so much, I’ve put together a FREE printable (click here or the picture above) with the condensed version of this list along with some cute little reminder lists for you to use. This way, as you’re busy getting yourself together you don’t have to keep running back to the computer to make sure you haven’t missed a thing!

Now that I’ve pep-talked all of you, I’m off to go put this list to good use!

Do you have any other tips you would add to this list? Do tell!


3 thoughts on “14 Steps for Getting Out of the House On Time With Kids

  1. Lanna

    One other little pre-ahead tip I’ve got? Have a bag of all co-op stuff – yours and the kids. My co-op supplies *stay* in my bag, and *stay* in the kids’ backpacks so things aren’t left here at home. Costs an extra $3 (hit those sales!) to have multiples of things, but totally worth every penny. 😀


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