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Dec 11 2019

CTLP Episode 146 – Celebrating in Hard Seasons with Trina McNeilly

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Show Notes-

On the Cultivating the Lovely podcast this week, MacKenzie interviews Tina McNeilly, author of the new book, La La Lovely: The Art of Finding Beauty in the Everyday. Trina is also a speaker and founder lifestyle blog, La La Lovely. She and her husband, Stephen, and their four children make their home outside Chicago, Illinois. In today’s conversation, MacKenzie and Trina talk about how to survive, and even thrive, during a hard holiday season.

  • Trina shares a little of the behind the scenes of how this book was created and designed
  • Why beauty is important and something we should seek
  • What looking for loveliness during holidays has been like for Trina in different seasons
  • Helping our children walk through hard times and finding the good things with them

Beauty is not an escape. It’s an answer.

Trina McNeilly
  • How Trina keeps the holiday season simple and keeps her faith central
  • The value of small beginnings
  • Giving yourself grace in how you choose to celebrate instead of sticking to some arbitrary rule
  • Trina’s new resource “When the Holidays are Hard”
  • You have permission to grieve and to have joy in the same season
  • A typical day in Trina’s life
  • Letting go of the things that are outside of our control and being flexible

Current Lovelies-

Trina: getting outside in nature and noticing the beauty around her

MacKenzie: listening to The Office Ladies podcast with her son and watching the episodes together

Resources Mentioned-


La La Lovely


Deliciously Ella

Rhythms for Life with Rebekah Lyons

10 Things to Tell You with Laura Tremaine

Growing Big People with Paul Scanlon


You’ve Got Mail

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