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Feb 12 2020

CTLP Episode 154 – All the Enneagram Things with MacKenzie and Chelle, Part 1

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Show Notes-

Today on the CTL podcast, MacKenzie Koppa and Chelle Bruzas sit down and chat all about the enneagram. In this episode, MacKenzie and Chelle start covering the basics of the enneagram and how to find more resources to learn more yourself.

  • How Chelle and MacKenzie first figured out their own numbers
  • Tips for finding your own enneagram number
  • The benefit of having a close friend who balances our your strengths and weaknesses
  • The power of the type songs from Ryan O’Neal from Sleeping At Last
  • Using the memes from instagram to see what characteristics resonate with you

If you don’t have a strategy or a plan for how to love people well, then it doesn’t happen.

MacKenzie and Chelle
  • Listening to podcasts to learn about all the different types
  • Identify celebrities who are the same type as you are
  • Looking at the triads to help narrow down your number
  • Taking a test is a good place to go after you have learned some basics, and MacKenzie recommends Your Enneagram Coach
  • Getting to know about the latent types that can affect how you react in certain circumstances
  • How it can help to work with your teens to type themselves
  • Find MacKenzie and Chelle’s favorite enneagram resources below

Resources Mentioned-


The Road Back to You

Becoming Us

The Sacred Enneagram

Enneagram Type Journals

Self to Lose and Self to Find


Sleeping at Last

CTLP Episode 131 – Enneagram Deep Dive with Beth McCord


That Sounds Fun

The Popcast

Sandals Church Enneagram Series


Your Enneagram Coach

The Enneagram Institute

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