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Feb 19 2020

CTLP Episode 155 – All the Enneagram Things with MacKenzie and Chelle, Part 2

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Show Notes-

On this week’s episode of Cultivating the Lovely, MacKenzie and Chelle continue their conversation about the enneagram. Today they are going to do a deep dive into the first three types on the enneagram, and they hope it will help you get a little more clarity. If you haven’t listened to last week’s episode on the resources Chelle and MacKenzie love and will refer back to today, you should definitely go do that first!

  • Chelle and MacKenzie share a little more background info on the enneagram
  • An overview of Type 1s, including core fears, core desires and more
    • Why MacKenzie and Chelle admire Type 1s
    • The common mistyping of Type 1s as 3s
    • Some famous people who may be Type 1s
  • An overview of Type 2s, which is Chelle’s type
    • What MacKenzie loves about her Type 2 friends
    • Why being a Type 2 is uncomfortable for Chelle
    • Ways to love on the Type 2s in your life
    • Some famous characters who could be 2s

I think it is helpful to be able to look at the different types and see the similarities so that you can relate to one another.

MacKenzie Koppa
  • An overview of Type 3s, which is MacKenzie’s type
    • How MacKenzie feels about being a Type 3
    • What Chelle loves about Type 3s
    • The special difficulty of being a Type 3 recovering from emotional abuse
    • Some famous characters who could be 3s

Resources Mentioned-


Mirror of the Soul by Alice Fryling

Becoming Us by Beth and Jeff McCord

The Sacred Enneagram by Chris Huertz

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