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Mar 11 2020

CTLP Episode 158 – Spring Favorites and Chat with MacKenzie and Rebekah

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Show Notes-

Today on Cultivating the Lovely, MacKenzie sits down for a chat with her good friend Rebekah Sacran. They spend some time just catching up with each other, sharing some things they are loving here at the beginning of spring, and more. So sit back, relax and listen in on this fun, random conversation!

  • What’s new in Rebekah’s life and why her life feels like everything is in transition
  • How MacKenzie is dealing with the new parenting plan and other changes post-divorce
  • MacKenzie’s ideas for automating her healthy eating plan

If I can get the planning in place, then I think I can follow through.

MacKenzie Koppa
  • MacKenzie talks about cold plunging and her current showering method
  • Rebekah talks about trying oil pulling sachets
  • Learning when to give yourself grace about what to add into your routine
  • Books MacKenzie and Rebekah are reading:
  • MacKenzie’s recommendation for watching The Office, Season 2, Ep. 12
  • Why MacKenzie is loving her ClearlyFiltered water bottle
  • Rebekah and MacKenzie chat about their hopes to see the new Emma film

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The Big Boo Cast

Office Ladies

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