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Aug 11 2016

CTLP Episode 16 – Building Good Character Habits with Sean and Caroline Allen


On the show today are Sean and Caroline Allen, homeschooling parents of six and the creators of the character training system, Character Badges. The Allens share a little bit about the reasons they created Character Badges, how it works for their family, and how they manage to focus on their marriage in the midst of life with six kids, homeschooling, and owning businesses together.

Character training is about more than teaching our kids to be nice or when to use their manners – it’s the building of good habits through consistent, sound instruction, and the Allens have done a wonderful job of it with their family, plus developing a system to help other parents do the same.  It was so fun for me to be able to pick their brains a bit about my own kids’ character foibles, and you get to be privy to the whole thing!

One of the things I love the most about their system and our conversation is the Allen’s emphasis on one of the largest parts of training our kids to HAVE good character- SHOWING them through our own actions and words. Building good character in our kids is about coming alongside them and teaching them why these things are important. It’s so important to go beyond pointing out the bad behaviors and make a conscious effort to point out the good behaviors – the good examples they (and we!) can learn from.


As parents we’re being trained right alongside our kids, and oftentimes they are repeating things we’ve done or said. It’s humbling and convicting!  I certainly know that mine are little mirrors and I am grateful to have such great advice from parents such as The Allens for helping me learn to thrive in these trying years.

You can learn more about the Character Badges system at and be sure to check out Caroline’s clothing line for women and girls Debra & Co.  You can find Caroline blogging at the Modest Mom Blog.

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