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Mar 25 2020

CTLP Episode 160 – Experiencing God in the Middle of It All with Sara Hagerty

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Show Notes-

On the Cultivating the Lovely podcast this week, MacKenzie Koppa talks with author Sara Hagerty about her newest book, Adore: A Simple Practice for Experiencing God in the Middle Minutes of Your Day. Sara is a wife and a mother to 7 children, 4 adopted and 3 biological. MacKenzie and Sara talk about what it means to adore God in the middle of our busy lives, plus so much more. We hope this conversation encourages you in the midst of this chaotic time in all our lives.

  • Sara talks about the importance of slowing down and reconnecting with the Lord
  • Seeing this time as a gift because we have been given a new perspective on our lives
  • Coming to God with your real, raw emotion, asking Him to speak back to you
  • We have to go to God and be vulnerable with Him in order to allow Him to work in us
  • Adore is really about finding God when you are weak

Adoration is the nexus of my raw emotions and the truth of Who God is.

Sara Hagerty
  • Learning to feel our emotions and still go to God for what you are supposed to do with them
  • Join the Patreon group to get in on the upcoming book club walking through Adore together
  • Our misconceptions about adoration and looking at God’s character and how we can adore Him
  • The power of worshipping God in the midst of hard times
  • Sara’s typical daily routine now, and what it was like before the world turned sideways

Current Lovelies-

Sara: getting outside and noticing the world around us

MacKenzie: grounding outside whenever possible

Resources Mentioned-


Adore by Sara Hagerty

Persuasion by Jane Austen


The Trouble with Angels

Pride and Prejudice



At Home with Sally

And Sons

Ransomed Heart

The Emotionally Healthy Leader with Pete Scazzero

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