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Apr 1 2020

CTLP Episode 161 – Flour and Flower Therapy with MacKenzie and Friends

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Show Notes-

On today’s episode of Cultivating the Lovely, host MacKenzie Koppa sits down for a fun chat with three of her real life friends: Becca Lux, Katie Duckett and Chelle Bruzas. They tell us all about two different kinds of therapy that we can all be taking part in during these challenging times using flour and flowers! And they had so much fun doing it, that we have a bonus episode with even more goodness coming out tomorrow, so be sure and check back to get in on the fun!

  • A little about what “flour therapy” is and why you should join the Patreon group and get in on all the doughy goodness
  • The ladies share how they got the idea for “flower therapy” in the first place
  • Katie talks about her intense love for flowers and how she always stays prepared to gather flowers wherever she goes
  • Becca shares some information about why gardening is actually physically, mentally and emotionally so healthy
  • Check out the Flower Therapy playlist on Spotify

I do think that adding beauty to your life, in whatever form, gives your soul hope.

Katie Duckett
  • Chelle shares a little about what to expect from the seed “club” if you are part of the $15 Patreon level
  • Katie and Becca talk about starting seeds and taking chances with what will work and what won’t
  • MacKenzie highlights the value of accountability in keeping up with these habits of loveliness
  • How being out in nature and noticing the change of the seasons helps us cope with these trying times
  • Becca and Katie point out the spiritual significance of these practices
  • Jenna Fischer’s bread-making journey on Instagram
  • Check out the Flour/Flower Therapy wishlist on Amazon

Bonus Content-

  • Re-thinking the idea of flowers and beauty as not having any real purpose
  • Becca’s reading recommendations:
  • Katie talks about the health properties of sourdough
  • The need to slow down and do these intentional things to reconnect with each other and with God
  • MacKenzie talks about reading the first Harry Potter book with Roman
  • Becca, Chelle and Katie talk about making flower crowns
  • Floret Flower Farm seeds
  • The ladies talk about their gardening hopes and plans for this year

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You can find Becca Lux on Instagram @wanderluxstudio.

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You can find Katie Duckett on Instagram @may_these_arrows_fly.

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You can find Chelle Bruzas on Instagram @chelle_bruzas.

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