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Apr 22 2020

CTLP Episode 164 – Bringing the Comic Relief with Leeann and Michelle

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Show Notes-

This week on CTL, host MacKenzie Koppa has a fun chat with Leeann Dearing and Michelle Fortin, the dynamic comedy duo known simply as Leeann & Michelle. Both wives and mothers having backgrounds in acting and television, Leeann and Michelle are passionate about using comedy to bring a smile to the faces of those in their audience. We think their conversation with MacKenzie will do that for you, as well!

  • How Michelle and Leeann met and immediately formed a deep friendship
  • How they started turning their parodies and sketches into a business
  • The way their backgrounds helped them have success
  • What got Leeann and Michelle into doing Enneagram type comedy
  • What it is like playing their own types as well as the others
  • How they each handle filming in public locations
  • Michelle talks about how they divide up the work

I don’t think we would have been able to do what we did so “effortlessly” without owning these skills.

Leeann Dearing
  • MacKenzie talks about the fun she remembers from her time in a theatre troupe
  • Michelle and Leeann try to narrow down their videos to one favorite
  • Leeann talks about what it is like doing live shows
  • What it has been like creating content during the corona crisis
  • The value of getting feedback in creating content
  • A typical day for Leeann and Michelle in their own families and work

Current Lovelies-

Leeann: having an impromptu “distance picnic” with Michelle and her kids

Michelle: painting rocks and placing them around the neighborhood for others to find

Resources Mentioned-


The Road Back to You by Ian Crohn

The Honest Enneagram by Sarajane Case


Gone with the Wind

The Sound of Music

The King and I

Dumb and Dumber



Jen Hatmaker

The Popcast

The Dearing Studio

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