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May 6 2020

CTLP Episode 166 – A Realistic Mother’s Day with MacKenzie and Chelle

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Show Notes-

This week on Cultivating the Lovely, MacKenzie Koppa and Chelle Bruzas sit down and have a little real talk about how to have a better Mother’s Day in this season of lockdown by setting realistic expectations. We want to encourage you during this challenging time in your parenting journey to be gracious with each other, look outside of yourself and find the bright side.

  • Talking to your family about what you would like for them to do
  • Making your own backup plans for food and treating yourself
  • Prepare yourself with realistic expectations of behavior
  • Celebrate your children’s efforts to do things for you
  • Chelle shares her heart for women for whom Mother’s Day is painful

The most perfectly worded Hallmark card will never hold a candle to personal words from someone.

MacKenzie Koppa
  • Some idea for gifting yourself and the other mothers in your life:
    • Flowers, of course!
    • Gift cards
    • Printed photos
    • Candles from a small business
    • Locally roasted coffee
    • Support small business
    • Books
  • Making time to say and write about your love for your mom
  • Plan for lighthearted fun and not take yourself so seriously
  • Be encouraged!
  • Giving and receiving forgiveness

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