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May 13 2020

CTLP Episode 167 – Life and Laughter in Paris with Joy Eggerichs Reed

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Show Notes-

Today on Cultivating the Lovely, host MacKenzie Koppa talks with Joy Eggerichs Reed, founder of Punchline Speakers. Joy and her husband Matthew live and work in Paris, France with their daughter Millie. MacKenzie and Joy just have a fun chat covering a wide range of topics including Joy’s fun Instagram stories, home birth and living in France during the pandemic. So sit back, relax and enjoy this lively conversation!

  • Joy talks about how she and her husband ended up in Paris and what life is like there
  • MacKenzie talks about her experience being a single working mom while doing school at home as well
  • Joy shares how the quarantine has affected her family in Paris
  • How Joy has navigated not speaking French and having her babies in France following a more natural approach
  • MacKenzie shares a little about her own birth experiences and how she decided to have home births

If you don’t move to a place and have a posture of trying to laugh at things or try to understand them, then you will go crazy.

Joy Eggerichs Reed
  • Joy talks about making up an alter ego and voice for her daughter
  • How and why the Reeds chose to announce pregnancies later than most
  • The way the pandemic has changed Joy’s working life
  • How the Reeds ended up in their fantastic location

Current Lovelies-

Joy: spending time with Millie and making funny videos with her

MacKenzie: enjoying the flowers dropped off by her friends on May Day

Resources Mentioned-



Little Women


The New York Times The Daily

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