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May 27 2020

CTLP Episode 168 – Cherishing Your Life Now with Rebecca Smith

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Show Notes-

This week on Cultivating the Lovely, host MacKenzie Koppa chats with Rebecca Smith, founder of Better Life Bags and the author of the brand new book A Better Life: Slowing Down to Get Ahead. Rebecca and her husband live in Michigan with their four children and their dog Mojo. Together MacKenzie and Rebecca talk about building a business, podcasting and writing a book, plus so much more:

  • Rebecca shares a little bit about her “Problem Solved” podcast episodes with Emily Thomas
  • Rebecca talks about how she came to write this book, from starting a blog in her college days to getting asked by Zondervan to publish the story of her business
  • What Rebecca hopes readers will glean from A Better Life
  • How Rebecca and her husband met and had to let God lead their relationship
  • Learning the cherish the life you are living right now, instead of always looking ahead to the next thing

I think I have an idea of where my life is going, but God is the One who is making the decisions, and it’s kind of an adventure for us.

Rebecca Smith
  • How Rebecca’s vision and mission for Better Life Bags grew out of a desire to have certain boundaries in place
  • Recognizing our limitations and bringing other people on board to balance out our weaknesses with their strengths
  • Giving our children more responsibility for things around the house
  • Being willing to turn around and get back on track when we have stepped out of God’s plan
  • How Rebecca’s business has been affected by the pandemic
  • A typical day in Rebecca’s life now in contrast to before the pandemic

Current Lovelies-

Rebecca: relaxing in a hammock in the backyard

MacKenzie: dressing up for her birthday at home

Resources Mentioned-


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10 Things to Tell You

Young House Love

Crime Junkie

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