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Jun 3 2020

CTLP Episode 169 – Joy in the Waiting and Uncertainty

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Show Notes-

On today’s episode of Cultivating the Lovely, MacKenzie talks with her good friend Chelle Bruzas about joy, hope and creating fun in the middle of really hard stuff in our current world. This is not meant to trivialize the huge issues going on right now, but to encourage you to find the light in the darkness and give your mind a break from the stress. So listen in, stop scrolling, maybe take a walk, and listen in to this uplifting conversation.

  • Chelle talks about checking in on others and loving on new neighbors
  • Looking back and seeing how God has given us grace for the hard days
  • Holding our vision of the future loosely and surrendering to the Lord
  • Doing something out of the ordinary to shake up the monotony
  • Make it a priority to build community and be the friend you need
  • Taking in beauty in the out of doors
  • Find ways to have a gentler routine and a reward at the end of the day

Joy will make us stronger and more capable of dealing with all the heavy things around us.

MacKenzie Koppa

Resources Mentioned-


Try Softer by Aundi Kobler


The Popcast

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