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Jun 17 2020

CTLP Episode 170 – The Little Things with Katie Duckett

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Show Notes-

On today’s episode of Cultivating the Lovely, MacKenzie talks with her good friend Katie Duckett all about the little things they are doing to recapture that sense of who they are as individuals. This episode is all about recovering from challenging times, and even thriving in the midst of them. We hope this conversation will leave you encouraged!

  • MacKenzie shares about writing a list of the things that make her feel like herself
  • The value of this time to re-evaluate what aspects of our lives are really important to us
  • Katie and MacKenzie share the little “vanities” that they had to grapple with when they were taken away
  • The importance of regular anchor points to fill our souls
  • What makes us each feel alive is unique and different
  • MacKenzie tells how she recognized how important it is to her to have outside activities
  • How a sort of home church has developed among MacKenzie’s group of friends

We have a God who loves to give us good gifts, and He knows our hearts and what we need.

Katie Duckett
  • The little things that MacKenzie and Katie like to do to feel like the best versions of themselves
  • Taking the time to ask the questions about what is important to your family
  • Setting up a new tone or structure for the summer to help rest and regroup
  • The ways that appreciating and noticing beauty transforms us
  • Finding ways to intentionally create spaces that give you room to breathe
  • “Have you heard about pasta salad?”
  • Katie’s self-tanning regimen

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The Royal We

The Heir Affair



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