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Jul 22 2020

CTLP Episode 174 – Following God to Vanuatu with Sarah Henkosky

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Show Notes-

This week on the Cultivating the Lovely podcast, MacKenzie chats with her friend Sara Henkosky. Sara is a wife and mom to 3 children 4 and under. She and her husband love to serve people through hospitality and are now looking forward to a new adventure as missionaries to Vanuatu.

  • MacKenzie asks Sarah how this journey to becoming missionaries began
  • How Sarah and her husband are preparing to go to Vanuatu
  • Sarah describes the island situation and where they will be living
  • Language learning and travel preparations
  • Considering homeschooling and what supplies she needs to take

It’s so exciting to know that we can just trust God and watching Him work and do what He does best.

Sarah Henkoski
  • Waiting and watching God work out the details
  • How Sarah feels about being a mom and missionary at the same time
  • Bridging the disconnect that can happen between overseas families and friends
  • Visit to learn more about the mission
  • A typical day for Sarah and her family

Current Lovelies-

Sarah: listening to podcasts, drinking more tea and getting outside

MacKenzie: enjoying the new puppy coming into the family

Resources Mentioned-


Mr. by Leslie Odum, Jr.


I Still Believe

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You can find Sarah Henkoski on Instagram @sarahkhope.

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