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Aug 19 2020

CTLP Episode 178 – Back to School Challenges with MacKenzie and Katie

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Show Notes-

On today’s episode of Cultivating the Lovely, MacKenzie talks with her good friend Katie Duckett about the challenges and changes of heading into the school year amidst the pandemic. They talk about being honest with what the school year is going to look like and how to make the best of difficult situations while valuing relationship with your children.

  • How Katie’s school year is changing this year from what her family was expecting
  • Check out MacKenzie’s Lovely Homeschool Course for help scheduling in the way that Katie talks about
  • Katie’s struggle with burnout and changing seasons in her homeschooling journey
  • MacKenzie talks about making the adjustment to public school with her kids
  • Learning to trust God with your children when everything feels out of control

Even now, with all of this being out of our control, we know that God is in control.

Katie Duckett
  • Watching your children rise up and learn resilience, fortitude, and perseverance
  • Katie talks about watching her boys deal with the disappointment of team sports being delayed
  • The challenge of setting a tone of love and joy at home when you don’t really feel it
  • Taking care of yourself and using some shortcuts to save your sanity
  • Katie shares the verses that centered her homeschool in the past and that she wants to be the focus going forward:
    • Philippians 2:12-13
    • 2 Timothy 1:14

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