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Sep 8 2016

CTLP Episode 18- Modeling the Life We Want Our Children to Lead with Tricia Goyer


Today’s episode is with the lovely Tricia Goyer who shares her story about her family of ten growing through foster adoption, her writing career, and what she has learned through the years of being a mom, homeschooler, writer, and lover of Jesus. She shares her heart for the mom who is tempted to do all the things – now!

I love how Tricia stresses that not everything needs to be done today – from laundry, to math, to figuring out how to see our hopes and dreams come to fruition. We just need to keep walking the path God has called us to in this moment – do a little bit every day – and then don’t be discouraged when our lives don’t look like the perfect pictures we see on social media. We need to work on giving up our expectations of ourselves that are based on what we see others doing or what others say we should be doing.

Can I get an Amen?!

Tricia’s writing career and her ministry didn’t happen overnight, nor was the path easy or comfortable. Tricia shares the hard truth that God doesn’t call us to be comfortable – He calls us to give everything we have to follow and pursue Him in every aspect of our lives.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if the math concept is mastered or if all the laundry got done (unless, of course, your kids are roaming the neighborhood pants-less!). What truly matters is that we’ve shown Jesus to our children – that we’ve put His word in their hearts.


They need to see us living out our faith and pursuing the dreams He’s put into our own hearts. Be that mothering, writing, traveling, podcasting, or scrubbing the kitchen sink. Teaching them about God’s love, to hunger for His Word, and to learn to wait patiently on His purposes for them – that is what’s most important.

Resources Mentioned-

Tricia’s Books-

You can find all of Tricia’s books, both fiction and non-fiction (over 44 of them!), right here.

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Write from the Deep, Read Aloud Revival, and A Mom’s Mission Field


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Find Tricia-

You can find Tricia on her website, and on her podcast Living Inspired. You can find her across social media as @triciagoyer – follow her on Facebook, Pinterest,  Twitter, YouTube, and Periscope.

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