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Sep 22 2016

CTLP Ep 19- Family Devotion Tips & Resources


I get this question so, so often, and I am finally taking the time to sit down and give you a well though out answer on family devotions time! This is something that’s so important for us to be doing – we can’t just leave our kids’ faith shaping to the Bible stories and crafts in Sunday School. I’ll share my four “best practices” for family devotions and give you some of our very favorite resources we’ve used through the years.



#1 Let Dad Lead-

If Dad is a around and a believer, then let him lead! Resist the urge to “help” him lead and talk it out with your kids. It is so important for your kids to see Him as the spiritual rock of the family. You can discuss way you can help him – resources you can pick up to help him lead with confidence.
What if my husband isn’t a believer? The Bible talks about how we’re supposed to be an example by our actions – but not by throwing things in peoples’ faces! Don;t hide that you’re doing devotions with the kids, but do it at a tim when he won;t feel like you’re trying to put it in his face. Pray for him and trust your example and your kids’ mentions of your times with God will soften his heart and begin leaving room for Jesus to work on him!

#2 Include Review-

Help your kids review at the beginning what was learned last time, to keep the stories and lessons fresh in their minds.

#3 Apply it to their lives-

Make sure you can give your kids an application to their own lives! When we can help them own it – make the truths and examples their own – the more it will stick and the more they will remember.

#4 Don’t get Discouraged- 

This should probably have been listed as number one! Anything you do, at any time, no matter how many days a week – it is a beginning! Don’t not do it just because it’s not what you think other people are doing or because you’re not consistent.

Our Family’s Favorite Devotional Resources-

oldstorynew vos leadinglittleones

JesusBible jotham

Find Us-

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3 thoughts on “CTLP Ep 19- Family Devotion Tips & Resources

  1. Bobbiann

    I enjoyed this podcast; I’ve listened to almost all of them now. My family reads a chapter (or part of one if it’s long) from the KJV Bible after supper almost every night. My older kids learned to read this way, because we go around the table, each of us reading two verses, until the end. Little kids repeat phrases after a parent and follow along when they’re a little older. Familiarity with KJV English helped them understand Shakespeare!

    1. MacKenzie Post author

      That is a great idea and how fun that they also understood Shakespeare because of their KJV reading! Thanks for sharing!

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