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Oct 13 2016

CTLP Ep 20- Leaving a Legacy Through the Written Word with Karen Ball & Erin Taylor Young


Karen and Erin are the humorous and inspirational duo from the Write from the Deep Podcast. Karen is an author and editor with more than 30 years of experience in the publishing field. Erin is a writer who connects her readers to the deeper truths of life through humor. Together, they offer laughter and inspiration as they encourage us to make the written word- both God’s Word and our own personal stories – an important part of our everyday lives and realize how our stories are the most important legacy we can leave for our family.

You’ll hear Erin and Karen’s thoughts on the most important thing an aspiring author can do – and it may not be what you think! Most importantly: nothing is going to happen outside of God’s timing. Most writers have to go through the difficult places – the deep places – before they can learn the lessons God would have them later share with others.

And the “deep” places do not always look like tragedy or some big struggle everyone can see. Sometimes the deep, hard places look surprising like that pile of unfold laundry on the bed.

Like the dirty dishes in the sink.

And like those kids who keep demanding another meal…

We can’t control the challenging places and the timing God has for our lives – all we can control is our obedience to Him. God has promised to meet us in those hard places, and He will walk with us through them.

Karen and Erin also share some neat ideas of how to incorporate story into our everyday lives and the lives of our children through documenting the good and the bad in our everyday lives, special (simple!) ways to celebrate the stories of each child, and how to leave a written history for them to cherish for years to come. There is nothing more important than giving our kids a desire for God and a desire for story – after all, that’s how God communicates with us. He’s given us His written Word, so story and words must be important!

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