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Mar 22 2011

Valentine’s Day Cards

I like to do a little something special for my friends on Valentine’s Day- a thank you for their love, support and friendship. Last year I made these cookies-

For the mamas

For the girlies

For the boys

So this year I decided to make some personalized cards to bestow on my dear friends at the Valentine’s Party Vintage Mommy threw for our kiddos. (please excuse the photos- it was late when I finished them- no good light)

Each card bore the recipients name surrounded by the traits about them that I most adore. Each of these ladies is unique and special and I am so glad to call them my friends! You can even find some of them in the blogospere- visit and I know you’ll love them as much as I do!

Beautiful Ordinary Day
Vintage Mommy
Miracle Baby Ella
Duckett, Duckett, Goose
The Value of Cheerfulness


I am also toying with the idea of creating some graphics that people could use to print out their own cards, journals, scrapbook pages and so forth- would anyone be interested?

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13 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Cards

  1. Katie

    Yes! I am SO interested! I want to take you with me to sign my name! :)
    The cookies and cards were so lovely and so much fun to receive!
    xo Katie

  2. Courtney M.

    I love your handwriting and unique cards for all your girlfriends. What a great idea. I made a picture with a poem before, like your heart card. Your cards brings back memories…

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